Explore Detroit, Oregon and search for your very own engraved Detroit Rock and get a chance to win prize packages! Each week there will be unique, engraved rocks placed for visitors to find and hints will be updated here and on our Facebook Page.
Participating in Detroit Rock’s hunt is at your own risk. The City of Detroit nor DLRABA is not responsible for injury of participants.

*Picture Credit – Zak Stone Photography



1) Go Seek!
Go to Detroit and seek your treasure.  If you find one, you keep it.  If you are one of the lucky ones to find a rock, we kindly ask you to leave the others behind so that more people can enjoy in the fun.
2) Once found, register your rock by completing the below form. Registering your rock will instantly enter you into a drawing to win a prize package.
3) Post and Share your Pictures to Detroit Lake, Oregon Facebook & Instagram Pages.
Tag us at #detroitORrocks. If you share your pictures, you will be entered an additional time into the drawing.
4) Enter to WIN!
Once a year there will be a drawing from all the registered rocks. The name drawn will win a special Detroit sponsored package.


Remaining Rocks to be registered:

43) Stumped

47) Stumped

53) Piety

62) Stumped

66) Hidden by Zak Stone Photography – Follow @mrott on Instagram for Clues

67) Hidden by Zak Stone Photography – Follow @mrott on Instagram for Clues

88) Property for Sale – Dream Home

90) Somewhere on the Flats

91) Headed towards the water – make a sharp turn

105) Stumps

119) Hidden by Zak Stone Photography – Follow @mrott on Instagram for Clues

120) Hidden by Zak Stone Photography – Follow @mrott on Instagram for Clues

125) Day Use by Hot Springs

144) Flat Trail

146) Snake Haven

149) Mossy Oasis

155) Road to a picnic off the beaten path

165) Breittenbush

166) Breittenbush

167) Campsite on the Way to Breittenbush

173) Towers

174) Towers

180) South Shore Campground

194) Point of Piety

201) Zak Stone – Up Breittenbush River

214) Upper Arm Day Use Area – Check Zak Stone Instagram Page for Clues

226) Great Scott – A picnic spot

228) Oh deer.

230) Use this area on this bright and sunny day.

235) Hoover

237) Stumps

238) Mongold

243) Stumps

248) Day Use Area

258) Reserve Your Campsite

259) Stumps

260) Stumps

261) Stumps

262) Stumps

265) Mongold

275) Piety

276) Stump

289) Kanes

291) Stumps

292) Stumps

293) Stumps 

294) Waterfall at the Lake 

295) Stump 

296) Lake bed

297) Lake bed

298) Lake bed

300) Lake bed

301) Lake bed

302) Stump

304) Stahlman Trail

305) Snowy Stump

306) Snowy Stump

309) Special Parking at Marina

310) Stump

311) Stump

312) Forest Service

315) Upper Arm Day Use Area

321) Snowy Stump

322) Lake Bed – Treasure in Snowy Pile of Rocks and Drift Wood

323) Meadows near the Eclipse Sign

Eclipse Rocks are Still Awaiting to be registered.  🙂

7) Water is getting shallow

10) Near a GEOCASH is in a stump



Congratulations! You've found your rock, now it's time to register to win your prize package. Please complete the below form to submit your registration. 

***Winner will be required to provide a picture of the rock to win. 
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